Edencrete Admixtures for Swimming Pool Construction

EdenCrete® shotcrete admixtures for swimming pool shell construction

EdenCrete® has successfully completed multiple trials for exposed aggregate swimming pool construction with local contractors in Colorado, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, Arizona, California, and Texas. Three board members of the National Plastering Council (“NPC”) were present for one of the Georgia trials.  The board members were impressed by the improved pumpability, workability, and the ability to optimize the standard finishing concrete mix design and reduce its cost, all being achieved with the addition of a low dosage of EdenCrete®.

EdenCrete® has been used since mid-2018 in many different shotcrete projects and trials throughout the United States, and for various government agencies and commercial entities. It has delivered repeated commercial and operational successes, repeatedly demonstrating that relatively low dosages of EdenCrete® deliver very significant operating and commercial benefits in all forms of shotcrete.

EdenCrete® products are carbon nanotube-enriched concrete admixtures that enhance a wide range of performance characteristics of the concrete including compressive strength, flexural strength, tensile strength, abrasion resistance, reduced permeability, increased modulus of elasticity, and reduced shrinkage, collectively delivering stronger, tougher, more durable, longer lasting concrete.  EdenCrete® is also highly suited for all pumped concrete applications, including shotcrete applications, with low dosages of EdenCrete® delivering reduced friction and consequentially requiring lower hydraulic pump pressures, improving workability, and producing far less rebound of the shotcrete.

EdenCrete® was recently featured in an AQUA Magazine article where several swimming pool contractors were interviewed regarding their experience with the admixture. All of the contractors reported reductions in pump strain (the amount of pressure required to push shotcrete), the stickiness of the shotcrete which reduced overspray, and the creaminess of the shotcrete, improving the carve-ability. These same contractors were pleased with the low cost of EdenCrete® and the ability to add it at the jobsite prior to pumping.

  • cement admixtures swimming pools Cement Admixtures for Swimming Pools - Admixtures used with concrete & shotcrete make stronger, more durable in ground pools. These also reduce pump pressures, overspray & improve flow / workability.
  • swimming pool shotcrete admixture project Shotcrete Admixtures for Swimming Pool Construction - EdenCrete® lowers pump pressure, improves flow, reduces overspray, & makes material carving better. Hardened shells are more durable w/ reduced cracking & permeability.
  • shotcrete admixture cement additive swimming pool Shotcrete Additives for Swimming Pools - Shotcrete admixtures are used create stronger, more durable swimming pool shells. Admixtures also reduce pump pressures, overspray & improve flow / workability.

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