Cement ADDITIVES - CONCRETE Admixtures

Cement additives (not admixtures) are used in the creation of a ready-to-use cementitious material, which is an ingredient of concrete. Concrete admixtures are chemicals or minerals added during the mixing or finishing of concrete. Additives in cement control set time and generally deliver higher performance as an ingredient in concrete.

cement ingredients and additives

Cement additives (not admixtures) are used in the production of a cementitious material that becomes an ingredient in concrete. Various types of additives are used by cement manufacturers to help with grinding or blending cement.

cement additive concrete admixture highways

State DOT concrete projects specify cement blends and cement additives to be used in the concrete delivered to a jobsite. Different cement blends, additives, and concrete admixtures may be required to meet the project specifications. Job location, weather, compressive strength requirements, freeze/thaw durability, flexibility, and many other facets of highways, bridge, drainage and retention/stabilization features must also be considered.

cement additive concrete admixture construction

Concrete construction prevents various challenges that influence how cement additives and blends are selected for a job. There is an additive for almost every situation. Engineering specifications, jobsite location, weather, local concrete materials, and project budgets are all related to building with concrete admixtures and cement additives.

shotcrete admixture cement additive swimming pool

Concrete swimming pools are constructed using shotcrete, a highly flowable form concrete that is pumped and sprayed onto a one-sided form with reinforcement cages. Cement additives can improve strength and hardened properties of shotcrete. Swimming pool shells also require low permeability and water-tightness for long-term durability.

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