Mortar Admixture - Carbon Nanotube Admixture

An admixture for grout or mortar will improve the fresh and hardened performance of the mix. The advance of carbon nanotube technology is benefitting the construction industry, from DIY to PRO contractors working on residential and commercial projects. These nanoscopic pieces of carbon reinforcement are added to mortar and grout (cement + sand + water) because they are 117 times stronger than steel and 30 times stronger than bulletproof Kevlar, yet extremely light. When added, carbon nanotubes fill in spaces at the nanoscopic level, reducing permeability and improving durability in service. EdenCrete® makes that all possible.

mortar admixture

PRO Contractors and DIYers use admixtures to improve the performance of mortar. Superior mixability and ease of placement saves time and material when using bagged masonry products. The unique manner in which a carbon nanotube admixture like EdenCrete® is able to reduce the permeability helps block out moisture, resulting in less efflorescence and damage from freeze/thaw or deleterious effects like alkali-silica reaction and sulfate attack.

mortar admixture

Mortar admixtures built upon carbon nanotubes are proving to be a significant advancement over prior generations of mortar admixture products used in commercial and residential projects. Mortar made with EdenCrete® is more durable, tougher, and less susceptible to cracking.

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