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Concrete admixtures are sometimes called “concrete additives,” which is incorrect. Concrete admixtures are ingredients in the mixing of concrete that improve certain properties related to structure formation, rheology, and mechanical performance. Concrete admixtures influence the transition of concrete from a dry to a fluid to a solid state and the development of ductile and elastic properties. These properties include flow, adhesion, set time, water content, compressive strength, permeability, resistance to cracking, scaling, shrinkage, deicer chemical delamination, and more.

concrete admixtures cement additives highway d.o.t. projects

EdenCrete® is used by municipalities, counties, and state DOTs in projects throughout the United States. The unique liquid carbon nanotube admixture enhances properties in fresh and hardened concrete that might typically require multiple admixtures to achieve.

concrete admixture cement additive construction projects

Concrete construction projects face many challenges and are required to meet specification requirements. Beyond engineering specs, pressure to reduce costs using less cement and concrete means concrete admixtures are required to do more with less. Further, high levels of CO2 emissions produced during cement production has increased public scrutiny, which in turn has driven innovation in the concrete admixture industry to make concrete construction more sustainable.

concrete admxture cement additive swimming pool shotcrete admixture

When building a concrete swimming pool, the shell uses shotcrete (a pumped form of concrete) that is sprayed onto a form containing steel reinforcement. Shotcrete pumps require a mix which flows well to reduce stress on the pump and in the hose. Shotcrete applications also require a mix that adheres well with low overspray or rebound. Finally, the shotcrete must carve easily and be durable over decades of use. EdenCrete® receives high marks from professional pool installers in all these aspects.

concrete admixture cement additive residential projects

Residential construction including home building, residential streets, drainage systems, driveways, patios, retaining walls, and masonry features all have similar concrete needs with slight variances on the required fresh and hardened properties. EdenCrete®, a unique liquid carbon nanotube admixture, improves placement, finish, durability and cracking/scaling resistance. Home builders and owners can easily calculate dosages and add EdenCrete® directly into the mix prior to pouring at the jobsite.

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