Concrete Admixture - Carbon Nanotube Admixture

A chemical concrete admixture is just one of several ingredients used to make concrete. Cement, aggregates, and water are all geographically diverse materials and therefore have properties and characteristics that must be analyzed to understand which concrete admixtures will be most beneficial to your specific project. A concrete admixture can be a natural or manufactured chemical added during mixing to improve properties of the fresh or hardened concrete. These can include flow, pumping, abrasion resistance, corrosion potential, crack reduction, permeability, durability, set time, scaling, spalling, and many other desirable results.

concrete admixture highway projects

EdenCrete® is a concrete admixture used by municipalities & counties for critical infrastructure projects such as road, bridge, and drainage construction throughout the United States. We collaborate with state DOTs on projects from small to large scale to deliver high  quality, long-lasting concrete.

concrete admixture construction projects

EdenCrete®  is a concrete admixture proven in construction projects to result in the use of less cement to meet or exceed specifications. 

swimming pool concrete admixture project

Shooting a swimming pool shell requires shotcrete to flow well from the truck to the nozzle, and it must carve easily. Once applied it needs to resist cracking and water infiltration over decades of use. EdenCrete® receives high marks from professional pool installers on all fronts. They reference the fresh properties of the shotcrete lowering the pump pressure to push the material, the flow and reduction of dust and waste from rebound, as well as the creaminess that improves the adhesion, stacking, carving, and finished appearance.

residential concrete admixture projects

EdenCrete® has been used in housing infrastructure, including residential home construction, community streets, curbs, and drainage projects. Driveways, patios, retaining walls and masonry features are all improved with EdenCrete®. The unique liquid carbon nanotube addition improves placement, finishing, durability, and resistance to abrasion, cracking, and scaling from deicer chemicals. EdenCrete® is easily added to the mix during batching and delivered to the site with no additional time or labor necessary by the contractor. Home builders and owners can enjoy the benefits and achieve significant performance start to finish.

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