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Product Brochure

When added to concrete mixtures, it performs as multiple additives rolled into one. Get a complete overview of our product, EdenCrete®.

Project Summary

Railcar Facility

In Augusta, Georgia, thousands of tons of railroad cars and steel components are shipped to and from a major rail maintenance facility every week, wreaking havoc on the hardstand concrete slabs that cover the yard.

Project Summary

Georgia D.O.T.

After reading a news story about the crumbling highway system in Georgia, EdenCrete approached the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) with an innovative proposal: Test our carbon concrete admixture on a stretch of highway. The results? Strong.

Project Summary


In shotcrete, EdenCrete® improves placement, safety, and job-site conditions for personnel. Using EdenCrete® makes shotcrete more durable and tolerant to service conditions, giving you the confidence to know that the job was done right.

Project Summary

Pro Sports

Many professional sports facilities are growing in age, leaving concrete badly damaged from a variety of challenges culminating after many years in-service. Architects and Engineers are specifying EdenCrete® as a critical tool in the concrete to combat these chronic issues.

Project Summary

Denver Spillway Tray

Because of the heavy runoff and seasonal flooding Denver is famous for, spillways carry a lot more than water. See how we used EdenCrete® to solve this problem.

EdenCrete® Technical


EdenCrete® Safety Data Sheet

The safety, ingredients composition and handling / storage of EdenCrete® is highlighted in this safety data sheet


EdenCrete® Technical Data Sheet

The features, benefits and applications of EdenCrete® is highlighted in this technical data sheet.