EdenCrete® Products


is designed to improve durability and strength in any type of concrete mix.

EdenCrete Pz®

is designed to improve durability and strength in concrete using fly ash and/or slag as a replacement for cement.

EdenCrete® products can be used interchangeably for any concrete application and/or mix design. Concrete mixes using fly ash and/or slag may be better suited to use a combination of EdenCrete® and EdenCrete Pz®, or EdenCrete Pz® by itself.


It’s the Carbon Nanotubes.

Carbon nanotubes provide 100-300 times improvement in tensile strength over steel (type dependant) and are 30 times stronger than bulletproof Kevlar. These carbon nanotubes create enhanced bonds at the interfacial transition zone between the cement paste and the aggregate, resulting in superior pullout capacity and greater aggregate fracture if failure is reached. Simply put, the aggregate breaks before the concrete does!

Concrete that is Carbon Fiber Strong!

These submicroscopic cylinders of carbon, roughly 1/50,000th the width of a human hair, have revolutionized dozens of industries and thousands of products from aerospace applications to electronics to sporting equipment and now in concrete.

EdenCrete® products can be used in any type of concrete,
including but not limited to:

  • Ready-mix (dry-batch or central plant)
  • Precast/Prestressed/Post-tensioned
  • Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC)
  • Shotcrete and pump-applications
  • Grout
  • And many more…. Call today to learn more!

Edencrete® key areas of improvement

Abrasion Resistance 

Improved resistance to abrasion helps prevent the surface of the concrete from wearing away and being damaged from impact

Compressive Strength

Improved compressive strength may allow for a reduction in total cementitious while still meeting design specifications

Deicer Scaling

Improved resistance to scaling extends the durability and service life of concrete exposed to deicer chemicals


Accelerates finishing as the cement paste rises to the surface with minimal effort, reducing the time and personnel required to complete the job

Flexural Strength 

Higher flexural strength helps to prevent cracking in suspended bridge girders and decks, elevated slabs, and thin-overlay applications

Life-Cycle Costs

Improved durability and performance will extend the time until repair or replacement is necessary, reducing life-cycle costs


Reduced permeability helps prevent the ingress of moisture, alkali-silica reaction, sulfate-attack, corrosion of reinforcement, and freeze/thaw


Improves concrete rheology so it can be pumped and placed more easily, reducing the need for extra water to be added on-site

Shrinkage Cracking

Reduced shrinkage and resistance to cracking improves durability and extends service-life

Split-Tensile Strength

Higher split-tensile strength helps minimize cracking in reinforced concrete applications

Carbon Nanotubes – boost surface abrasion resistance and reduce permeability while improving strength properties (e.g., compressive, flexural, and tensile) like no other product on the market today.

Special Applications

When you need a tougher surface.
When pouring premium sidewalks, driveways, or roadways that need to stand up to abrasion, EdenCrete® delivers superior

When you need durability and resilience to aggressive in-service conditions.
EdenCrete® creates a tougher, more durable concrete mix that may allow architects/engineers to specify less steel
reinforcement or thinner concrete slab pours.

When water is involved.
EdenCrete® reduces the permeability of concrete which mitigate the ingress of moisture, making it ideal for use in infrastructures such as water distribution, bridges, piers, dams, and locks where steel corrosion is a concern.

When Shotcrete needs to pump without segregating.
Use EdenCrete® to improve the ability of shotcrete to be pumped, shot, and carved. The mix moves easily through the hose
without segregating, allowing pump operators to reduce pressure, dust, and waste from rebound.

Admixture Compatibility

EdenCrete® can be used in mixes containing any of the various admixture chemistry-types commonly used in the market.
EdenCrete® does not require altering formulations or procedures to get the mix you want. It offers a wide range of
compatibility for contractors, architects/engineers, and ready mix companies.

Concrete Longevity

Contractors, architects, engineers, and producers are learning that they can extend the life of their concrete by adding EdenCrete®. Reduce warranty claims and help lower your bids to win the job, knowing you only have to place the concrete once with EdenCrete®. Differentiate yourself from the rest of the field by offering an innovative product like EdenCrete®, setting you apart with a competitive advantage.


EdenCrete® improves the rheology and crack-resistance of concrete, making it a good replacement, or partial substitution for traditional fibers in concrete. Using EdenCrete® with less fiber, or no fiber, will significantly improve the ability of the mix to be pumped, placed, and finished without needing additional water.


When added to concrete mixtures, EdenCrete’s® carbon nanotubes fill in spaces at the nanoscopic level between the hydrated cement particles. When concrete cures, instead of leaving porous voids that would allow water to penetrate or cracks to develop, these nanotubes create millions of flexible, strong carbon bridges throughout the structure.

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