EdenCrete® has many great applications for homeowners who will settle for nothing less than the highest quality concrete for their residential projects. Many customers use EdenCrete® as a partial substitution for, or in lieu of, micro fibers, improving workability and finishing operations from that of traditional fiber concrete. 

These applications require durability, especially against deicer chemicals which pool around parked vehicles during winter conditions.

EdenCrete In residential Foundation EdenCrete In residential Foundation EdenCret In Garage Floors EdenCrete In residential patios, retaining walls, and pools EdenCrete In residential driveways

EdenCrete® Residential Projects Include

Garage Floors



interior/exterior entertainment areas

stairs and porches


Pools & Patios

Retaining Walls


Homeowners use EdenCrete® to combat cracking from shrinkage and vehicle loads, as well as to reduce permeability and mitigate the ingress of moisture, deicer chemicals, and freeze/thaw. 

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