Liquid Carbon Fiber

A ready mix concrete producer in Denver, CO, Metro Mix, developed a new line of concrete mixes named “Liquid Carbon Fiber” (LCF). Developed for low shrink and low crack applications, LCF uses EdenCrete® in lieu of, or as a partial substitution for, fibrillated or micro fibers. LCF concrete mixes pump through the hose and finish much easier than traditional concrete, particularly fiber concrete. They do not require additional water during pumping or placement, and finishing operations move much faster in the absence of fibers. Metro Mix has developed mixes that are used for residential and commercial applications, as well as mixes for high strength applications.  

To learn more, visit or please contact Metro Mix’s Russ Valerio | (720) 840-5457

EdenCrete® is also used in higher strength applications such as concrete plant entrances, heavy-vehicle aprons, and commercial maintenance shops.

Liquid Carbon Fiber in residential driveways Liquid Carbon Fiber in residential driveways Liquid Carbon Fiber in residential driveways

Standard Applications


garage floors


interior/exterior entertainment areas

Retaining Walls



sidewalks, stairs, and porches

High-Strength Applications

Concrete or manufacturing plant entrances, aprons for heavy-vehicle garages or entryways, commercial vehicle maintenance shops. To learn more, please contact Metro Mix’s, Russ Valerio | (720) 840-5457.

Latest Liquid Carbon Fiber Projects