Cement Admixtures for Swimming Pools

Cement Admixtures for Swimming Pool Construction

Swimming pool construction requires the use of cement and concrete, often relying on methods of application known as shotcrete and gunite.

Cement is a specific ingredient that goes into mixing concrete. Cement consists of multiple ingredients of its own, including a mix of calcium, silicon, aluminum, and other additives. Cement additives usually help aid in the cement manufacturing process. The term “admixtures” refers to products added during the concrete mixing process. Concrete admixtures help improve properties for use in swimming pool construction, such as improved waterproofing, curing times, durability, and strength, among other properties.

Swimming pool applications may also use different types of cement, depending on their specific needs. The majority of construction projects use Portland cement, which comprises multiple compounds such as tricalcium and dicalcium silicate, tricalcium aluminate, and tetra-calcium aluminoferrite. To improve certain properties such as workability and durability, cement may also incorporate pozzolans, also known as supplemental cementitious material (SCM). 

Using the right cement mixture, it’s possible to develop the right type of concrete for a swimming pool installation.

Swimming Pool Construction

The type of concrete and application of this concrete will depend on different aspects of swimming pool construction. For example, suspended pools and in-ground pools may require different approaches to concrete application and installation. Concrete may also require certain cement additives to help improve properties to enhance durability in certain environments, such as those with high temperatures, harsh weather, or earth movement.

When applying concrete for swimming pool construction projects, two primary methods used for most installations include shotcrete and gunite. While many people see concrete as separate from shotcrete or gunite, both shotcrete and gunite are actually methods of applying concrete using a pumping and spraying system. Gunite used to be the tradename for shotcrete, but today’s professionals use shotcrete to refer to the application of wet-mix concrete, while gunite uses dry-mix concrete. 

To meet the needs of each application, shotcrete and gunite admixtures may also factor into swimming pool construction. For instance, gunite may use an accelerating admixture to reduce dust and rebound while increasing early strength. Wet-mix shotcrete application, on the other hand, might use accelerating admixtures to shorten set times and boost early strength.

Choose the Best Cement Admixtures for Swimming Pool Construction

Based on the unique requirements and specifications of a swimming pool installation, it’s important to use the right concrete mixture for successful construction. A mix containing the appropriate blend of cement, cement additives, and shotcrete admixtures can help achieve the best possible results.

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