Shotcrete Admixture - Carbon Nanotube Admixture

EdenCrete®, a shotcrete admixture created using carbon nanotube technology, has been lab- and field-tested to validate its impact on the installation process for shotcrete. The EdenCrete® carbon nanotube admixture enables shotcrete to be pumped at lower hydraulic pump pressure, reducing machine wear and fuel costs. Adhesion is also improved, resulting in less dust and waste from rebound — important to maintain good air quality on the jobsite and for large scale infrastructure projects where small amounts of waste becomes more costly. The EdenCrete® shotcrete admixture also delivers long-term toughness and durability, reducing the development and propagation of cracks, reducing permeability, and saving money by reducing the frequency of maintenance or replacement once in service.

D.O.Y. Highway Construction Projects with Shotcrete using Admixtures

More than 55% of U.S. citizens live in a state whose  Department of Transportation (DOT) and other public entities have approved EdenCrete® for use in infrastructure and roadway projects. Not only can less cement be used per cubic yard of shotcrete (which means fewer truckloads to/from the congested plant), but performance has been validated in the field to improve pumping, carving, durability and resistance to cracking, which reduces the long-term burden on maintenance budgets supported by the taxpayers.

Construction Projects with Shotcrete using Admixtures

EdenCrete®, a next-generation carbon nanotube- based shotcrete admixture, has been adopted for applications in major construction projects. In these large-scale projects, contractors have found the mix can be moved more easily through long hoses and pump equipment, protecting timetables and budgets. Many U.S. state Departments of Transportation have approved it for use in a variety of applications because of its proven enhanced durability and resistance to harsh environmental conditions.

Swimming Pool Construction with Shotcrete using Admixtures

Each year, approximately 50,000 swimming pool projects with exposed-aggregate finishes are commissioned and constructed by specialized contractors, many of whom use shotcrete with some kind of performance-boosting admixture for the pool shell, the thin-set in which the tile is set, the grout between the tile, and the plaster used to make the exposed finish. The EdenCrete® carbon nanotube admixture is in use across the U.S. in residential and commercial hardscape and swimming pool projects, providing a smoother application process for contractors and a better finished product for the customer.

Residential Construction Projects with Shotcrete using Admixtures

Admixtures are a common ingredient in residential shotcrete mixes, and are usually products that help a feature such as a faux-rock wall resist abrasion, cracking, and scaling. In regions with cold winters (and where public-works crews use sodium or magnesium chloride to mitigate icy roads), further measures may be required to counteract moisture ingress and surface degradation from water, slush, and deicer chemicals that may be splashed up by passing vehicles. Residential and commercial contractors have found they can augment a typical fiber mix with a carbon nanotube admixture, which provides more long-term protection while helping finishing crews to achieve a desirable finish more easily and quickly.

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