Shotcrete Admixtures for Swimming Pool Construction

The cement and concrete industry are undergoing advancement through science, research, and technology. In an effort to produce stronger, more durable concrete, admixtures have been developed to alter the fresh and hardened properties of concrete. Swimming pool contractors use admixtures to solve problems unique to their application, namely, pumping shotcrete.

AQUA magazine covers thousands of stories in the swimming pool industry. Several of those stories highlight contractors who innovate in the industry to manage various challenges they encounter on every job and unique requirements of individual installations. One universal issue all shotcrete pumping contractors have is to extend the life of their pump equipment. The pump must be able to pump thick viscous shotcrete through varying hose lengths. Finding a way to reduce the hydraulic pump pressure required to move the shotcrete through the nozzle means longer service life for the pump. Contractors have found that EdenCrete can achieve this goal, dropping hydraulic pump pressures by ~1200 psi, from 3800 psi to 2600 psi. A small, low-cost admixture addition to shotcrete yields long term savings for these companies.

Another universal challenge for shotcrete pump operations is overspray, or the amount of shotcrete that remains in the air unapplied. While overspray may not be an issue for outdoor jobs, spraying indoors requires active ventilation to remove the overspray cloud. Contractors again turned to admixtures including EdenCrete®, experimenting to alter the wet properties of the shotcrete. They quickly realized how EdenCrete increases the stickiness and adhesion of the shotcrete.

The results exceeded expectations. The reduction in overspray has enabled these same contractors to operate multiple spray nozzles on indoor jobs, completing jobs faster. These same teams found that the EdenCrete® admixture provided an additional benefit by increasing the shotcrete’s creaminess. This helps improve the carving of the shell.

The concrete and shotcrete industry is experiencing a significant worldwide increase in cement and concrete demand. Cement additives and concrete admixtures are key for the industry to meet increased demand, extend life of concrete structures, and deliver supply to remote destinations. Cement and concrete are being revolutionized to be stronger, more durable and require less material.

  • cement admixtures swimming pools Cement Admixtures for Swimming Pools - Admixtures used with concrete & shotcrete make stronger, more durable in ground pools. These also reduce pump pressures, overspray & improve flow / workability.
  • Edencrete Admixture for swimming pool construction Edencrete for Swimming Pool Construction - Swimming pool contractors find Edencrete shotcrete admixture reduces in pump strain, overspray, and makes the shotcrete more creamy, improving the carve-ability.
  • shotcrete admixture cement additive swimming pool Shotcrete Additives for Swimming Pools - Shotcrete admixtures are used create stronger, more durable swimming pool shells. Admixtures also reduce pump pressures, overspray & improve flow / workability.

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