Municipalities, Transit, & Public Works

Public Works departments use EdenCrete® to extend the service life of concrete in city locations with exposure to high volumes of traffic, commercial vehicle loads, winter weather, and the deicer chemicals used to keep the roads safe during winter conditions. Using EdenCrete® in Public Works projects helps make annual budgets stretch further.

Public works projects using EdenCrete® help make annual budgets go further.

EdenCrete In residential Foundation EdenCrete In residential Foundation EdenCrete in transportation terminals EdenCrete in skateparks EdenCrete in golfcourses

EdenCrete® Municipalities, Transit, & Public Works Projects Include

Community Parks

curb and gutter


transportation facilities


repair overlays

Single + Multi-story parking decks

EdenCrete® is used to extend the service life of concrete placed for some public works facility locations, concrete pads, roadways, transportation facilities, etc.

Latest Municipalities, Transit, and Public Works Projects

EdenCrete® Products

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DOT Approved States

See the progress of EdenCrete's® approval for use across all 52 Departments of Transportation.