oct 2021 | Ready-mix Shotcrete Application for Shotcrete Pools and Hardscapes

“We find that EdenCrete® makes it easier to apply and stack the shotcrete. It makes the process of shooting a pool quicker and more efficient and is a far superior product than any other admixture on the market.”

Jim Edwards

Owner, Edwards Excavation

oct 2021 | Volumetric Mixing Operation for Shotcrete Pools and Hardscapes

“EdenCrete® has helped the performance of our shotcrete because we are able to create a better finished product. To be durable, we must seal the top skin layer and EdenCrete® provides a harder, longer lasting, more waterproof product with higher performance than traditional concrete.”
Paul Alewine

Owner, Pete Alewine Volumetric, Pete Alewine Pools and Spas

oct 2019 | Project at Manufacturing Facility for a Major International Tire Manufacturer

“Within a 150 yard pour using EdenCrete at 2 gal/yd.3, we had a small section of approximately 2’ x 15’ damaged due to the formwork. The finish for this specific location was not acceptable for the engineer where the new concrete met the existing and he required it to be removed and replaced. We started tearing it out on Thursday at noon when the concrete was ~18 days old. The engineer called me at 5pm and said they were still not finished with the concrete demolition. He asked me to come out on site to monitor the situation. Upon arrival, I took control of the jackhammer to demonstrate how it should be done. Much to my surprise, the jackhammer was bouncing off of the concrete surface unlike anything I have ever witnessed before. It was the hardest concrete any of us have ever attempted to demolish. We had planned on breaking it out in a couple of hours and had a yard of EdenCrete Concrete on will call for 3:30pm the same afternoon. We did not finish the demolition until 730pm and poured concrete at 11:30am the next day.”

Brett cooper

VP Industrial, Two State Construction

Jan. 2019 | I-16 10.81 Miles of PCCP (Twiggs)

“EdenCrete® Senior Sales Specialist met the Project Manager for the diamond grinder contractor on this project. Grooving is done post concrete placement to “restore rideability by removing irregularities caused during construction. It improves the smoothness of the pavement, increases surface macrotexture, noise reduction, skid resistance and overall pavement safety.” Per GDOT specifications, the groove diameter is supposed to be 1/16” +/-1/32.” Grooving machines have 230 diamond blades composed of industrial diamonds and metallurgical powder. The Project Manager called the EdenCrete® Senior Sales Specialist with a complaint as his blades were working great on the existing pavement but were losing 30% efficacy on the new EdenCrete infused concrete. They normally see this and are better prepared for it with coarse aggregate in the concrete that has a high Aggregate Abrasion Value or aggregate toughness or a measure of the resistance of aggregate to surface wear by abrasion. Our specialist shared an Edencrete® brochure as this was the first time the Project Manager had run into a grinding situation like this when aggregate toughness was not the issue. Toughness and Durability from day one!”
Project manager

Diamond Grinding Contractor

Dec. 2018 | Recent Ready-Mix Company Owner and Professional Concrete Consultant

“I have been in the concrete industry for over 30 years. I have been in QC, operations, sales and in the late 1990’s started and owned Metro Mix LLC a ready-mix company in Denver Colorado. During this time, I have seen many products that were marketed to improve the performance of concrete and not all of them were effective. However, within the last couple of years, I have had the pleasure of implementing the use of EdenCrete in many of our mixes. I have found that EdenCrete improves the performance of concrete in most areas including crack reduction, scaling resistance, and strength gain to name a few. In fact, I appreciate the benefits that EdenCrete brings so much that I used it in the concrete for my personal equipment shop and storehouse. This was a 50-yard placement. With the densification and crack reduction EdenCrete brings I increased my joint spacing from 10×10 to 20×16 on a 5” deep slab and have not had any cracks even in the control joints. If you are looking to improve your concrete performance I strongly suggest using EdenCrete.”
Eric Tyrrell

Owner & Concrete Consultant

Dec. 2018 | Edencrete solves troublesome wall cracking

“Recently my company was involved in a project where the concrete walls cracked badly. As part of the remedial plan, the structural engineer modified the mix and recommended using EdenCrete for crack reduction. The EdenCrete worked well and we did not witness any cracking. In addition, I was particularly impressed with the ease of pumping and the superior finish of the concrete. EdenCrete improves the mix rheology creating a rich, creamy paste that was easy to place and finish.
EdenCrete was a great help on this project and I look forward to working with it in the future.”
John Lucio

Project Manager , Sunny Day Concrete, LLC

may 2017 | save money while delivering top quality assurance

“We couldn’t be more pleased with this. It’s not every day you get to reduce the cost of a project for a client by almost 50% and still deliver the quality and reassurance they’re asking for in the service life of the concrete. EdenCrete® is a great concrete admixture and we are excited to have discovered its existence. This technology could be a game-changer for the concrete industry.”

Brett cooper

Owner and Vice President , CPI

Dec. 2017

“We began working with EdenCrete® on a collaborative project between their team and the Georgia D.O.T. in 2015. The product can be dosed into trucks like any admixture at our ready-mix facility and does not present any issues with the fresh properties or finish-ability. EdenCrete® has demonstrated its ability to greatly enhance not only the resistance to abrasion, but also the strength of the concrete. Test results and field trials indicate many concrete applications, not just roadways, can benefit from EdenCrete®.”
C.T. Davis

CEO, Augusta Ready-Mix Concrete

May 2015

“The contractor had no idea that EdenCrete® was in the mix design because it did not hurt the fresh properties or finish-ability of the concrete. Test results showing enhanced abrasion and tensile strength certainly indicate that EdenCrete® should have no problem extending the life of concrete in a typical drainage basin.”
Stuart Ponting

Vice President, CASI Concrete