Townhome Complex – Stormwater Drainage Tray

Summary Statement

A townhome complex used EdenCrete® in their stormwater drainage system to combat scaling from deicer chemicals, as well as to resist cracking and impact damage from passenger vehicle traffic, snow plows, and trash trucks.

EdenCrete® Purpose

EdenCrete® was used to improve the concrete durability of concrete used for the stormwater drainage application. The improved resistance to abrasion and cracking, and the lower permeability provided by EdenCrete®, were specified to reduce the ingress of moisture, chemicals, etc and anticipated to extend the service life of the concrete


Stormwater drainage systems and spillways are an integral part of the civil infrastructure within residential communities, reducing the tendency for flooding and erosion during heavy rains and flash floods. The concrete used in these systems deteriorates quickly from continuous exposure to water contaminated with deicer chemicals and floating debris that abrade and scale the surface, as well as from exposure to heavily loaded garbage trucks and/or snow plows. EdenCrete® was to be evaluated in a head-to-head comparison against traditional concrete used for this type of application.


Concrete Producer
Aurora, CO | May 2015
Colorado Asphalt Services, Inc. (CASI)

Volume & Dosage

EdenCrete® at 2 gal/yd3

Project Details and Conclusions

A return visit to the site after 12-months revealed the drainage systems placed with traditional (Reference) concrete to have cracked and abraded across much of the surface, joints were badly damaged. Significant scaling and pitting had occurred from the presence of chemicals floating in the trough. The sections containing EdenCrete® are not cracked, scaled, or abraded. The joints of the EdenCrete® sections are well intact. A return visit to the site at 36-months and 48-months after placement confirm the traditional sections to continue degrading as an exponentially increasing rate. To date, the EdenCrete® sections are in great condition and maintain a brighter albedo (appearance) relative to the traditional concrete. The EdenCrete® sections appear younger than the Reference sections even though they were placed on the same day. To date, some of the Reference sections were replaced because they were damaged and causing problems for residents.

EdenCrete® has improved the in-service performance and durability of the concrete for this application, requiring no maintenance since placement. The project demonstrated a cost savings to the customer through the extension of service-life and reduced frequency for maintenance to upkeep the otherwise failing concrete.

The project involved 20 cubic yards of concrete dosed with EdenCrete at 2 gal/yd3.

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