Homeowner – Residential Driveway – Wheatridge

Summary Statement

A homeowner used EdenCrete® in conjunction with (a reduced dosage of) macro-fibers for the driveway of a newly constructed home, to further enhance its resistance to cracking and abrasion.

EdenCrete® Purpose

EdenCrete® was used in combination with a lower dosage of STRUX fibers than what was originally specified. The purpose was to help resist cracking while simultaneously improving the paste of the mix to allow the STRUX to be well embedded and not There was no option for a driveway placement without a perfect finish and resistant to cracking. The answer, a single dosage of STRUX fibers in conjunction with EdenCrete®. Maximum performance was provided by the combination, anticipated to provide superior protection against cracking. No cracking has resulted even in the control joints. The improved rheology provided by EdenCrete made finishing the concrete significantly easier with the STRUX fibers.


Denver Public Works places concrete roads in the metropolitan area that are continuously exposed to heavy vehicle traffic, and for four to five months of the year the concrete must endure winter weather. The Colorado winter comes with significant swings in temperature from morning to night, sometimes mixed with rain/snow and rapid cycles of freezing/thawing. CDOT uses magnesium chloride to mitigate icy roads and keep it safe for the motoring public, but this comes at a cost to concrete durability. Concrete roads are damaged by more than heavy traffic and vehicle loads, cracking, and abrasion. It is also the ingress of moisture and what is contained in the water that damages the concrete from the inside outward, especially in winter months. The ability of the roadway to resist scaling from deicer chemicals is a challenge the DPW has been working to overcome.


Concrete Producer
Brannan Ready-Mix
Wheatridge, CO August 2019
Marvel Concrete Contractors

Volume & Dosage

EdenCrete® at 1 gpy

Project Details and Conclusions

As a result, the typical imperfections associated with finishing STRUX concrete were negated by the creaminess of the mix because of the EdenCrete®. The driveway placed easily and with minimal water added to any of the six trucks. Finishers commented on the improved ability to bull float a mix containing STRUX fibers, because it is typically much more of a challenge and near impossible to achieve a nice finish. Joints were easily formed without fibers catching on the leading edge of the finishing tools, making the process faster.

The project involved 60 cubic yards of concrete dosed with EdenCrete® at 1 gal/yd3.

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