OMNI Interlocken – Grout for Repair of RipRap

Summary Statement

EdenCrete® was used at the OMNI Interlocken golf course to strengthen and improve the pump-ability of the grout mix used to reinforce large boulders that stabilize the shoreline (riprap).

EdenCrete® Purpose

EdenCrete® was recommended to improve the ability of the grout mix to be pumped through the extended length of hose without segregating or packing sand. Additionally, the reduced permeability and improved resistance to cracking was necessary to better resist damage from the ingress of moisture and freezing temperatures.


In December 2018, the OMNI Interlocken Resort and Golf Course in Broomfield, CO undertook a project to replace a badly damaged system of existing riprap. Riprap is a system of embedded boulders used to stabilize a shoreline in areas where excessive water flow may occur during a storm. The riprap for this application has been designed to be a spillway feature beside the Clubhouse and is a popular area for walking. A grout mix was used to anchor the system of boulders in place, and the water often pools between the boulders for long periods of time before evaporating. During winter weather, the grout is damaged from the presence of water combined with freezing and thawing temperatures. The contractor requested a mix with more durability, specifically with better resistance to damage from freeze/thaw. The mix was also pumped through ~200’ of 3” diameter hose and segregation was a concern.


Concrete Producer
Broomfield, CO | December 2018
Driveways 4 Less

Volume & Dosage

EdenCrete® at 1 gal/yd3

Project Details and Conclusions

According to the contractor, the grout with EdenCrete® pumped and placed much easier than the previous mix. He commented that when pumping, the mix looks like “rippling water” and self-levels under its’ own weight. Time and labor cost were reduced on the job because there was no time wasted disconnecting and clearing hose lines.

Lab testing run in parallel showed EdenCrete® to have significantly improved the compressive strength. When you combine improved strength with added crack resistance, the service life for this mix is anticipated to far outlast the previous placement and provide additional to the customer. The project involved 28 cubic yards of grout dosed with EdenCrete® at 1 gal/yd3.

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