Homeowner – Patio and Outdoor Entertainment Area

Summary Statement

A customer used EdenCrete® in lieu of micro-fibers to improve rheology and crack resistance in a stamped and integrally colored sidewalk, patio, and outdoor entertainment area.

EdenCrete® Purpose

Metro-Mix recommended one of their performance mixes containing EdenCrete® in lieu of macro-fibers to improve resistance to cracking and not increase the water demand. Additionally, the improved the rheology of mixes containing EdenCrete® was anticipated solve any issues with segregation or obstructions in the hose.


K&K Construction was hired by a homeowner in Aurora, CO to place a new concrete patio, sidewalk, and entertainment area using colored concrete. To achieve the desired color, the concrete had to be dosed with an amount of pigment known to create challenges with the ability to pump the mix through long distances of hose. Typically, the contractor requests macro-fibers in the concrete to mitigate shrinkage and cracking, but there was a concern about adding the required amount of pigment in combination with the fibers. The combination of the two would increase the water demand of the mix, creating difficulty with finishing. The concrete would be pumped through 120’ length of hose, and segregation or clogging was a concern.


Concrete Producer
Aurora, CO | September 2018
K&K Construction

Volume & Dosage

EdenCrete® at ¼ gal/yd3

Project Details and Conclusions

The concrete pumped and placed without issue; no segregation or hoses to be unclogged. The integral color was received incredibly well. Finishing operations went faster than scheduled before the contractor commented that the mix with EdenCrete® was easier to “close up.” The finisher was able to close the surface of the concrete with a single pass of the bull float, which he claimed is significantly easier than the same mix without EdenCrete®. The project included 28 cubic yards of Liquid Carbon Fiber concrete dosed with EdenCrete® at 1 gal/yd3.

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