Town of Bennett – Wastewater Treatment Facility Slab

Summary Statement

The Town of Bennett (Colorado) used EdenCrete® in a concrete slab supporting a roll-off dumpster at their wastewater treatment facility to improve the resistance to abrasion and cracking, and to lower the permeability in order to provide greater resistance to caustic fluids which live on its surface.

EdenCrete® Purpose

EdenCrete® was used to improve the ability of the concrete to resist abrasion and impact from service vehicles, but to also reduce permeability and minimize the ingress of caustic liquids.


Wastewater treatment plants are home to many items which are caustic to concrete. Rolloff dumpsters are used to temporarily store these caustic materials after processing is complete, and the concrete slabs on which they reside are abused and deteriorate quickly, The process to empty and replace the roll-off dumpster is exceptionally aggressive with regards to abrasion and impact, and the concrete surface is continuously exposed, if not saturated, with the leftover process liquid. Whether it is the pH of the wastewater and/or sludge, or abrasion and impact from the service vehicles, concrete used in this application must resist the ingress of moisture (caustic waste) and be resistant to impact and abrasion from service vehicles. To resist this, the Engineer requested a topical hardener be applied to the surface of the concrete. The contractor chose to use EdenCrete® in place of the hardener.


Concrete Producer
Aggregate Industries
Bennett, CO | September 2018
Moltz Construction

Volume & Dosage

EdenCrete® at 2 gal/yd3

Project Details and Conclusions

To date, the EdenCrete® slab is performing well with no evidence of abrasion or cracking from service vehicles. Several return visits to the site have revealed extensive levels of caustic liquid dripping out of the dumpster and onto the surface of the concrete, but no scaling or deterioration has occurred as a result. Lab testing demonstrated a significant increase in compressive strength to have been provided by EdenCrete®.

Using EdenCrete® in lieu of the topical hardener saved money and labor because the topical hardener requires additional labor to apply it, and it must be reapplied annually in order to maintain effectiveness. This creates additional cost and labor to the owner on an annual basis, which must be accounted for during the bid process. EdenCrete® is dosed into the mix at the plant so it improves all aspects of the concrete to full-depth, performing for the life of the concrete.

The project involved 16 cubic yards of concrete dosed with EdenCrete® at 2 gal/yd 3.

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