Homeowner – Residential Driveway

Summary Statement

A homeowner used EdenCrete® in a new driveway to resist abrasion and cracking from heavy, recreational vehicle loads and scaling from deicer chemicals.

EdenCrete® Purpose

EdenCrete® was used to provide the baseline resistance to scaling, abrasion, and cracking that was requested by the homeowner, as well as to make the concrete easier to finish when compared to traditional fiber concrete.


The residential driveway supports multiple passenger vehicles, but it also leads to a detached garage at the rear of the property for a large RV camper and several other, off-road recreational vehicles. Frequently, these vehicles enter/exit at high rates of speed known to abrade and damage the surface of the original concrete driveway. For the new driveway, the owner requested more durable concrete with greater resistance to cracking, abrasion, and scaling from deicer chemicals. It was very important that the concrete finish well to facilitate a nice checkerboard finish, and he was not interested in seeing fibers protruding out of the surface of the concrete.


Concrete Producer
Metro-Mix Castle Rock
Westridge, CO | September 2018 (garage), September 2019 (driveway)
All Pro Cement Inc

Volume & Dosage

Liquid Carbon Fiber (LCF) containing EdenCrete® at 1 gal/yd3

Project Details and Conclusions

EdenCrete® improved the rheology to enable contractors to easily place and finish the checkerboard pattern without adding water. Since placement, a few cracks have occurred ONLY in the control joints and no crazing or cracking has occurred anywhere within the field. To date, the concrete is performing well against abrasion from recreational vehicle traffic, while showing no signs of scaling or deterioration from deicer chemicals where passenger vehicles are parked. The homeowner is pleased with the finish and the lack of fibers protruding out of the surface of the hardened concrete.

The project involved 150 cubic yards of Liquid Carbon Fiber concrete dosed with EdenCrete® at 1 gal/yd3.

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