Velocity Ready Mix – New Maintenance Facility for Ready Mix Trucks

Summary Statement

Velocity Ready Mix used EdenCrete® in the slab for a maintenance facility where they service ready mix trucks, to improve the ability to quickly burnish the concrete surface and to improve the resistance to cracking, abrasion, and impact from tools and equipment.

EdenCrete® Purpose

EdenCrete® was used to improve the ability to finish the slab using a riding trowel, and to increase the resistance to abrasion and cracking from in-service conditions.


At Velocity Ready Mix, the maintenance facility for their fleet of concrete trucks is abused daily. For traditional concrete, these in-service conditions cause abrasion, cracking, and damage from impact from tools. The concrete used for this type of application requires an extended level of durability and resistance to the elements.


Concrete Producer
Velocity Ready Mix
Aurora, CO | February 2018

Volume & Dosage

EdenCrete® at varying dosages

Project Details and Conclusions

Finishers were able to trowel a mirror finish on the concrete shortly after set, saving time and money on labor for the project. Over time, the floor has held up remarkably well. There are no pop-outs from impact, no cracking from shrinkage or loading, and the surface looks like it was placed yesterday; the surface has not been abraded at all. The accelerated finishing schedule helped the contractor to complete the job and send his crew home 2-hours early. The project involved 60 cubic yards of concrete dosed with EdenCrete® at various dosages.

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