Enhancing Building Construction with Concrete Admixtures

Concrete is the backbone of modern construction due to its incredible strength and durability. These aspects are critical for the longevity of any structure, and adding admixtures to the mix can make a big difference. Concrete admixtures help improve concrete performance, strength, durability, and workability, resulting in more sustainable, robust, and long-lasting structures.

Structural Support

Concrete admixtures play a key role in enhancing the strength and durability of concrete in structural support projects. In such applications, concrete may be subjected to high compressive and flexural loads, which may cause cracking and reduce its durability.

Specific admixtures, such as curing compounds, shrinkage reducers, and, superplasticizers, help prevent shrinkage and cracking. They can improve concrete’s compressive, flexural, and split-tensile strength, leading to increased durability.

Other admixtures, such as accelerators and retarders, enhance concrete workability and allow for concrete to be placed in hot or cold weather or on job sites that are far away from the concrete plant.


In flooring projects, concrete must have desirable surface characteristics, such as high abrasion resistance and good adhesion to coatings. These characteristics are critical for creating durable and elegant floors. 

Using admixtures such as water-reducing agents and accelerators helps provide even better results. They can improve the workability of the concrete, allowing for efficient pouring and finishing while retaining the desired surface properties. Accelerators can speed up construction schedules, allowing for more streamlined projects.

Admixtures such as water reducers, and waterproofing agents can be used to improve the performance of concrete floors. They make concrete floors stronger, more durable, and resistant to:

  • Impact
  • Moisture
  • Abrasion
  • Fading
  • Cracks
  • Scratches


Foundational support is a critical element for ensuring the safety and stability of any building structure. The foundation must be strong, durable, and resistant to potential damage due to soil pressure, moisture, and other environmental factors. One way to achieve this is to add admixtures into the concrete mix used for a building’s foundation.

Admixtures such as shrinkage-reducing agents, set retarders, and corrosion inhibitors protect the foundation and increase its durability. They reduce shrinkage cracks and prevent corrosion of embedded steel reinforcement.

Other concrete admixtures, like viscosity modifiers and water reducers, enhance the strength and durability of foundations by helping improve the workability, ensuring proper consolidation without segregation, and allowing for lower water-cement ratios.

Vehicle Decking

Vehicle decking is vital to building construction, providing a smooth, safe surface for vehicles to drive on. For excellent results, vehicle decking must be tough and robust enough to withstand heavy traffic, abrasion, and freeze-thaw cycles.

Using some specialty admixtures, as well as air-entraining agents, helps improve the durability and strength of vehicle decking. They can enhance concrete’s resistance to impact, abrasion, and freeze-thaw cycles, leading to long-lasting performance.

Get the Best Concrete Admixtures for Building Construction Today

Using concrete admixtures in construction is critical to creating stronger, more durable, and more efficient structures. These additives enhance concrete’s strength, durability, workability, and performance for any construction project.

With suitable admixtures, structural and construction engineers can optimize the performance of concrete structures, making them robust, long-lasting, and sustainable. EdenCrete® produces specialty admixtures to suit all your building construction needs.

We offer an innovative line of admixtures that takes the strength and durability of concrete structures to a new level. Our carbon nanotube-enriched admixtures have a unique formulation that enhances abrasion resistance, extends service life, and reduces cracking, permeability, and scaling. Contact us to find out more about our high-performance carbon nanotube concrete admixture and order today to improve your concrete’s sustainability in all your projects.

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