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Shotcrete admixtures, sometimes incorrectly referred to as additives, can be used as a supplement to or a complete replacement for traditional fibers in shotcrete mixes, as demonstrated by EdenCrete® on countless projects. Carbon nanotubes are 117 times stronger than steel, 10,000 to 50,000 x smaller than the diameter of a human hair and extremely light. This means:

  1. Mixes do not require unnecessary water addition, reducing segregation and/or sand packing to save time
  2. Pumps operate under lower hydraulic pressure (2400 psi vs 3800 psi)
  3. Reduced waste from rebound
  4. Reduced dust improves jobsite air quality
  5. Improved adhesion better encapsulates steel
  6. Greater long-term durability

At scale, this produces significant and measurable operational savings for jobsite operators and construction schedules, along with reduced repair cost over time.

shotcrete admixture types

New types of shotcrete admixtures can extend the service-life of shotcrete, as well as the time to corrosion of steel reinforcement, because the permeability is reduced so significantly. Carbon nanotube shotcrete admixtures — approved for use at scale in DOT projects for a growing number of U.S. states — have been tested according to ASTM International standards and are proving out in terms of durability, resilience, and sustainability.

D.O.T. Highway Consotruction projects with Shotcrete using Admixtures

Shotcrete admixtures (not to be confused with cement additives) continue to be approved by state Department of Transportation entities and proven in the field. Thorcon Shotcrete and Shoring used EdenCrete’s® carbon nanotube admixture when awarded the Central-70 project for the Colorado DOT. Approximately 4,500 cubic yards of shotcrete (with EdenCrete® at ¼ gal per cubic yard) were used to reinforce caissons and abutments supporting newly expanded bridges, as well as soil nails in temporary earth retention and permanent retaining walls along underpasses and on/off ramps, and the entire tunnel structure. By using  EdenCrete®, 675,000 fewer pounds of cement were used (compared to the previously specified mix) and 17 bulk tanker deliveries of cement to the concrete plant were eliminated. This eliminated more than 300 tons of CO2 from the carbon footprint of the project.

Construction Projects using Shotcrete with Admixtures

EdenCrete®, when used at the proper dosage (varies by mix design), may allow for the amount of cement to be reduced significantly. The ready-to-use liquid admixture requires no dilution or special mixing equipment and is added during the batching process at the plant or directly to the concrete truck on site. Mixes run more smoothly with fewer hose obstructions and reduced dust and waste from rebound. Better use of material at scale helps contractors and construction teams streamline onsite operations. Project stakeholders enjoy the cost savings of a next-generation admixture that protects project budgets and timelines on high-visibility or disruptive projects.

Swimming Pool Construction with Shotcrete using Admixtures

Shotcrete admixtures for swimming pools are supplementing, or even replacing, traditional admixtures or additives to streamline everything from mix design to the quality of finish and to promise the property owner years of extra defense against the elements. Cutting-edge carbon nanotube admixtures are becoming available to more small-scale users. The application is smoother, trucks require less time to empty out, and contractors can provide a better finished product for the customer. Customers continue to provide positive feedback, validating a measurable improvement in toughness and resistance to degradation over other admixture (or additive) predecessors.

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