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Leading Concrete Admixture Companies

The concrete admixture industry is crucial for the construction sector, as it provides products that enhance concrete properties and improve construction processes. Leading concrete admixture companies offer a diverse range of concrete admixtures that improve concrete strength, durability, and workability, as well as allow concrete to adapt to diverse job site requirements. Their products are used in a variety of applications, such as roads, bridges, buildings, tunnels, and retaining structures, to name a few.

History of Concrete Admixtures

The use of admixtures in concrete can be traced back to ancient times when various materials were added to improve the properties of concrete. However, it wasn’t until the 20th century that synthetic admixtures were developed, which allowed for greater control over the properties of concrete.

In the 1930s, the first synthetic admixtures were developed. These early admixtures improved the workability and setting time of concrete and allowed for the production of high-strength concrete.

Superplasticizers were developed in the 1950s. Superplasticizers are high-range water reducers that can significantly increase the fluidity of concrete without compromising its strength. This allowed for the production of highly fluid concrete that could be easily placed and compacted.

In the 1980s, air-entraining agents were developed, which introduced microscopic air bubbles into the concrete, improving its resistance to freeze-thaw cycles and reducing the risk of cracking. This allowed for the production of durable concrete structures in regions with harsh winters.

Admixtures For Strength

The compressive strength of concrete is the maximum compressive load that a concrete structure can withstand before failure. The flexural strength of concrete is the maximum flexural (bending) stress that a concrete beam can withstand before failure. Concrete admixtures can be used to enhance the strength properties of concrete.

Admixtures For Durability

Concrete admixtures can be used to improve the durability of concrete. For example, air-entraining agents can be used to improve the freeze/thaw resistance of concrete. Additionally, pozzolanic admixtures such as fly ash and slag can be used to decrease the permeability of concrete.

Admixtures for Workability

Concrete admixtures can be used to improve the workability of concrete. For example, water reducers can be used to increase the workability of concrete without increasing its water content. Additionally, set retarders can be used to increase the setting time of concrete, which can help maintain its workability during placement and finishing, especially in hot weather. Air-entraining agents can improve workability by introducing small air bubbles into the mixture, making it easier to place and finish.

Admixtures For Job Site Requirements

Accelerating admixtures can speed up the setting and hardening of concrete, which can be useful in cold weather conditions or when a quick turnaround is required. On the other hand, retarding admixtures can delay the setting and hardening of concrete, which can be useful in hot or dry conditions or when more time is needed for placement and finishing.

Hydration stabilizing admixtures can help control the rate and extent of hydration, which can be useful in high-strength or high-performance concrete applications where precise control over the hydration process is critical.

Admixture Applications

Concrete admixtures have a wide range of applications in various construction projects, including roads, bridges, building construction, tunnels, and retaining structures. In road and building construction, admixtures can be used to improve the workability, durability, strength, and finish of concrete.

In bridge construction, admixtures can be used to improve durability and resistance to environmental factors such as freeze-thaw cycles, corrosion, and abrasion. In tunnel construction, admixtures not only improve the durability and strength of concrete, but also reduce shrinkage and cracking.

Sika Concrete Admixtures

Sika’s ViscoCrete® ViscoFlow®, and Plastiment® improve workability, while FerroGard® and Control®, enhance strength and durability. SikaTard® and Sika®Retarder are set-retarding admixtures for site requirements.

Euclid Chemical Concrete Admixtures

Euclid Chemical offers a variety of concrete admixtures to enhance strength, durability, workability, and job site requirements. Its admixtures, such as Plastol®, Syntheon®, and Eucolite®, improve compressive, flexural, and tensile strength and reduce permeability and scaling. Its Eucon® and Dural® series admixtures enhance workability and finishing, while its Euclid Chemical Rapid Set® products accelerate or retard setting time.

Master Builders Concrete Admixtures

Master Builders’ admixtures, such as MasterPozzolith® and MasterPolyheed® improve workability, reduce water content and enhance compressive strength and finishing. Its MasterLife® product protects against corrosion, while MasterSet® accelerates setting time.

GCP Applied Technologies Concrete Admixtures

GCP Applied Technologies admixtures such as ADVA®, STRUX®, and DAREX® improve compressive, flexural, and tensile strength, reduce permeability, enhance workability and pumpability, and increase durability.

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