Concrete Admixture Products

Concrete Admixture  Products

Example Concrete Admixture Companies

Examples of concrete admixture companies include Sika, Euclid Chemical, GCP Applied Technologies, Master Builders, and Eden Innovations.

Sika is a Swiss multinational company established in 1910 and sells 15+ branded admixture products. US giants Euclid Chemical and GCP Applied Technologies were founded in 1910 and 2015, respectively.  Euclid produces about 10 admixture categories, each with different products. GCP has grouped its products into 3 different categories.

Lastly, Master Builders, which has been up and running for over a century, and Eden Innovations, a younger company formed in 2004, have their headquarters in Germany and Australia, respectively. Master Builders categorizes its admixtures by technology or solution. Eden Innovations supplies the EdenCrete® line of admixtures.

Concrete Admixture Products by Sika

Sika offers water-reducing, accelerating, and set-retarding admixtures, among other types. The company also supplies fiber for concrete strengthening, auxiliary admixtures like concrete surface-enhancing solutions, and sustainable products.

Engineers and contractors can use Sika’s concrete admixture products to boost fresh concrete’s workability, enabling mixtures to flow smoothly into and through confined spaces. Their products can also ensure concrete achieves sufficient early strength and enhanced durability.

Concrete Admixture Products by Euclid

Euclid Chemical has an expansive product line. Available types include air entrainers, set accelerators, water reducers, and many more.

Other product categories produced by Euclid include low-range water reducers, mid-range water reducers, high-range water reducers, set retarders, and powdered admixtures. Each has products suitable for different scenarios and requirements.

Concrete Admixture Products by GCP Applied Technologies

GCP Applied Technologies offers water reducers, air entraining admixtures, and strength & durability enhancers. Air entraining and detraining agents are produced and categorized as air entrainment products by the company.

Additionally, GCP makes strength and durability enhancers like corrosion inhibitors, macro synthetic fibers, low-slump admixtures, and high-reactivity metakaolin admixtures. The company considers all other products, including bonding agents, architectural finish, and hydration stabilizers, as miscellaneous admixtures.

Concrete Admixture Products by Master Builders Solutions

The concrete admixtures offered by Master Builders include accelerators and retarders, alkali-silica reactivity inhibitors, air entrainers, water reducers, and more.

Master Builders Solutions provides products for coloring and aesthetics, preventing cracks in concrete, extending service life, and achieving sustainable construction. The company also offers admixtures engineered to help concrete withstand either hot or cold weather conditions.

Concrete Admixture Products by Eden Innovations

Eden Innovations manufactures and sells the EdenCrete® line of admixtures. These revolutionary products offer numerous perks, including reduced CO2 emission during concrete mixing and extended concrete service life. Eden’s admixtures contain carbon nanotubes engineered to help ensure that concrete structures exhibit exceptional toughness and strength.

The EdenCrete® line increases concrete’s abrasion resistance, reduces its permeability, and helps reduce cracking in new and old concrete. Additionally, the reduced permeability helps protect concrete from chemical and water ingress, reducing scaling, spalling, and efflorescence.

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