Concrete Additive Companies

Concrete Additive Companies

Cement is a key ingredient in concrete, serving as the primary binder in concrete mixtures. Cement also contains many ingredients, including calcium sulfate, magnesium, silicon, iron oxide, and more.

To help supplement cement’s basic properties, cement and concrete may contain additional additives and admixtures, which manufacturers may add during mixing. Most applications, including road construction projects, use Portland cement, which is a cement comprising tricalcium silicate, tricalcium aluminate, dicalcium silicate, and tetra-calcium aluminoferrite. In addition, Portland cement may contain pozzolans, or supplemental cementitious material (SCM), that make cement and concrete even stronger while improving other properties.

Different companies offer various concrete admixtures and cement additives to enhance properties like strength, workability, and durability.

Sika Concrete Admixtures and Cement Additives

Sika USA offers multiple types of concrete admixtures and cement additives, including:

Concrete Admixtures

For increasing strength, Sika offers accelerating admixtures that increase early strength, allowing for quick removal of formwork, along with fiber admixtures that strengthen concrete. If you require increased workability, Sika also provides a line of water-reducing admixtures that function as workability enhancers, as well as Sika Stabilizer that can improve self-compacting and pumping for easier flow. Durability-enhancing admixtures are also available to meet requirements around this property, and other products can meet various job site requirements, including concrete auxiliary products and set-retarding admixtures.

Cement Additives

SikaGrind is Sika’s cement additive that can improve grinding and performance, serving as a combination of a cement grinding aid and performance enhancer.

Euclid Chemical Concrete Admixtures and Cement Additives

Euclid Chemical also offers a selection of admixtures and additives for construction projects of all types:

Concrete Admixtures

If you want to increase the strength of concrete, Euclid Chemical produces set accelerators that assist with the development of early strength, while set retarders can optimize late age strength for heat-treated concrete. Meanwhile, Euclid’s air entrainers can improve concrete’s durability by protecting during freeze/thaw cycles. Euclid’s set retarders and normal, mid-range, and high-range water reducers help improve workability in various conditions, while specialty admixtures, powdered admixtures, and other products can meet various job site requirements.

Cement Additives

Euclid Chemical carries multiple types of additives that work as grinding aids and performance enhancers, including a range of conventional additives such as glycols, amines, and blends. You can also find value-added specialty aids in the form of early-late activators, mid-late activators, late activators, technical products, and air-entraining agents.

Master Builders Concrete Admixtures

Master Builders provides several types of admixtures and additives, including the following:

Concrete Admixtures

If you require concrete admixtures to increase concrete’s strength, you can find a selection of accelerators and retarders, silica fume, and more. You’ll also find admixtures to improve durability, including silica fume along with alkali-silica reactivity (ASR) inhibitors. For workability, you can use viscosity and rheology modifiers, air entrainers and foaming agents, and a range of water reducers. You can also choose from other types of admixtures to meet many job site requirements, from admixtures for coloring and aesthetics to shrinkage and crack reducers.

Cement Additives

If you’re searching for reliable grinding aids, the MasterCem line is ideal for milling processes to improve mill throughput and improve grinding and separator operation. This same line can enhance performance through increased strength, workability, and setting time. Master Builders also provides multiple specialty products to resolve many issues that cement producers may face.

GCP Applied Technologies Concrete Admixtures

Admixtures and additives from GCP Applied Technologies include:

Concrete Admixtures

GCP Applied Technologies produces several water reducers to enhance workability and help produce higher strength concrete. Other strength enhancers are also available, including high-reactivity metakaolin admixtures and macro synthetic fibers. For improved durability, select from various air entraining agents, silica fume, or metakaolin admixtures. Low-slump admixtures are also available for optimal workability, and you’ll find no shortage of other admixtures to meet requirements at any job site, from corrosion inhibitors to clay mitigators.

Cement Additives

GCP Applied Technologies provides a list of cement additives, including SYNCHRO® liquid additive that reduces chromium ion levels in blends of cement and water. You can also find tailor-made products for use as grinding aids, performance enhancers, and specialty grinding aids.

Eden Innovations

Eden Innovations produces a line of specialty admixtures in the EdenCrete® line of products. You can use EdenCrete® for improving strength and durability in concrete mixtures, or you may implement EdenCrete Pz® to optimize the strength and durability using slag or fly ash to replace cement.

What makes EdenCrete® products stand out is their innovative use of carbon nanotubes, which offer superior tensile strength over steel materials. This technology helps keep the concrete intact even if aggregate experiences failure by forming stronger bonds between the aggregate and cement paste. The result is improved compressive strength, finishing, abrasion resistance, deicer scaling, flexural strength, and many other elements that improve concrete mixes. While most other admixtures focus on improving only one or two properties of concrete, EdenCrete® improves concrete in a multitude of ways with the addition of only a single admixture.

Choose the Ideal Admixtures and Additives for Your Application

Top-quality concrete admixtures and cement additives will help you successfully complete any type of construction project. Whether you need enhanced strength, durability, workability, or other capabilities, you can find the right concrete admixtures for the job. You may also improve cement properties with the help of various grinding aids and performance enhancers. With many companies in the concrete admixture and cement additive markets, you have a wide range of products to choose from.

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