Shotcrete Admixture Products

Shotcrete is concrete that is sprayed at high velocity typically onto a vertical or overhead surface. Shotcrete admixtures improve the properties of shotcrete mixes and help make construction projects more efficient. With the demand for high-quality shotcrete growing, many companies have developed innovative shotcrete admixtures that offer unique benefits and advantages.

Shotcrete Admixture Companies Include:


Euclid Chemical 

GCP Applied Technologies

Master Builders 

Eden Innovations

Shotcrete Admixture Products by Sika

Some shotcrete admixture products by Sika:

  • Sigunit Shotcrete accelerator, available as liquid, powder, or instant powder to develop the highest strength for overhead applications and thick build-ups.
  • Sika® ViscoCrete® SC are high-range water-reducing super-plasticizers that improve the workability of concrete and maximize compressive strength.
  • SikaTard® is a cement hydration stabilizer that ensures long-term stabilization of the concrete mix, thus enabling optimum shotcreting with high flexibility.
  • SikaPump® products improve the pumpability of concrete mixes by reducing friction and wear.
  • SikaTell® is a colloidal silica additive that stabilizes concrete by reducing rebound and thereby increasing the long-term durability of shotcrete.
  • SikaFiber® are steel or synthetic fibers, added to the shotcrete as it sets, increasing efficiency and resilience.
  • SikaFume® is a microsilica additive that significantly improves the adhesion of shotcrete and its durability.
  • FlexoDrain is a sub-drainage system that allows for the application of shotcrete in case of moderate water ingress and protects it from aggressive mountain water.
  • SikaCare reduces the adhesion of cement mortar and concrete to equipment, extending its use and reducing wear.
  • SikaPump® Start-1 lubricant reduces the friction between concrete and hoses/pipes, as well as within pipes during the start-up of pumping.
  • SikaShot® is an advanced, highly accelerated spray mortar that can consolidate and pre-seal substrates before shotcrete lining.

Shotcrete Admixture Products by Euclid

Euclid offers a wide range of shotcrete admixtures, categorized by type:

Packaged dry products

  • Euco Diamond Shot is a high-strength dry shotcrete mix that can reinforce concrete work.
  • Eucoshot is a micro silica-modified, single-component material that can be applied as dry or wet mix shotcrete.
  • Eucoshot F is a micro silica-based, one-component shotcrete incorporating 1/4″ (6.5 mm) polypropylene microfiber during mixing.
  • Eucoshot V is a micro-silica-modified, one-component shotcrete material incorporating 1/2″ (13 mm) polypropylene microfiber and water-repellent components.

Powdered admixtures 

  • Eucon 37 is a powdered additive used to increase the flowability of cement grouts.
  • Eucon DSM is a fast-drying accelerator that reduces the setting time of shotcrete.
  • Eucon DURA-PLUS is a powdered air-entraining admixture used to increase the durability and strength of concrete.
  • Eucon Set-Stop is a powdered chemical admixture stabilizing cementitious mixes for extended periods.
  • Eucon MSA is a ready-to-use powdered micro silica concrete admixture.

Wet mix admixtures

  • Eucon 37 and 1037 are water-reducing admixtures that retain plastic consistency.
  • Plastol 341 and 341S are flexible polycarboxylate-based water reducers that meet ASTM C494 Type A and F specifications.
  • Plastol 6200EXT is a high-range water reducer that utilizes polycarboxylate technology.
  • Plastol 6400 is a polycarboxylate-based water reducer that enables concrete to be produced using very low water-cement ratios.
  • Plastol AMP-X³ and AMP-X² are formulated with a time-release polymer that improves their workability over extended periods of time.
  • Visctrol is a liquid admixture that makes self-consolidating concrete flow easily when mixed.
  • Eucon Stasis is a dual-use liquid chemical used to delay the set of concrete.
  • Eucon Vandex AM-10 is a crystalline additive that interacts with concrete to provide waterproofing.
  • Eucon CIA is a Calcium Nitrite based admixture that inhibits the corrosion of reinforced concrete.
  • Eucon Air Mix 200 is a concentrated solution of resins used to keep air under control.

Miscellaneous shotcrete products 

  • PSI Crimped Steel Fiber is a low-carbon, cold-drawn steel wire fiber designed to provide concrete with temperature and shrinkage crack control.
  • PSI Fiberstrand 150 is a monofilament polypropylene that complies with ASTM C 1116, Standard Specification for Fiber Reinforced Concrete and Shotcrete.
  • TUF-STRAND SF offers a cost-effective alternative to steel, welded wire mesh, and conventional reinforced plastics.
  • KUREZ DR VOX is a water-based resin that reduces odor and forms a liquid membrane while curing. It contains dissipating agents to aid in this process.
  • Formshield G and WB are economical concrete release agents for various forming applications.
  • EUCOBAR is formulated to create a monomolecular film on concrete surfaces that helps prevent moisture loss.

Shotcrete Admixture Products by GCP

GCP Applied Technologies’ range of shotcrete products includes:

  • TYTRO® is a high-performance, high-quality shotcrete admixture designed to achieve early strength and bond with rock substrates or layers.
  • SINTA® fibers can be specified by contractors wherever lower permeability, durability, and less shrinkage cracking are needed.
  • Strux® 90/40 synthetic macro-fibers that distribute structural fibers throughout the concrete matrix improve impact resistance and crack control properties.
Manufacturer Product Accelerator Water Reducing Hydration Stabilizer Pumping Aid Rebound Reduction Improves Workability Durability & Strength Lower Permeability Abrasion Resistance Freeze / Thaw Resistance Shrinkage Reduction Crack Reduction Air Entraining Corrosion Inhibitor
Eden Innovations Edencrete®    
Sika® Sigunit®                          
  Sika® ViscoCrete® SC                          
Euclid Chemical EUCO DIAMOND SHOT                  
  EUCOSHOT F                
  EuEUCOSHOT V                
  EUCON 37 “P”                        
  EUCON DURA-PLUS                      
  EUCON SET-STOP                          
  EUCON SURESHOT AF2LV                          
  EUCON SURESHOT                      
  EUCON 37                      
  EUCON 1037                      
  PLASTOL 341                  
  PLASTOL 341S                  
  PLASTOL 6200EXT                  
  PLASTOL 6400                  
  PLASTOL AMP-X³                    
  EUCON STASIS                          
  EUCON MSA                    
  Eucon Vandex AM-10                            
  EUCON AIR MIX 200                      
  EUCON CIA                          
  PSI CRIMPED STEEL FIBER                      
  PSI CRIMPED STEEL FIBER MB                      
  PSI FIBERSTRAND 150                    
  PSI STEEL FIBER C6560                    
  TUF-STRAND SF                    
  KUREZ DR VOX                            
  KUREZ VOX WHITE PIGMENTED                            
  FORMSHIELD G                            
  FORMSHIELD WB                            
Normet TamShot 80AF                          
  TamShot 90AF                          
  TamShot 110AF                          
  TamShot 210AF                          
  TemCem 15                          
  TemCem 23SSR                          
  TemCem 102                          
  TemCem RMA 79                      
  TemCem iBond                          
  TemCem AE200                          


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