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Cement additives are generally used in the grinding of cement clinker nodules to prevent agglomeration of powder on the wall of the grinding mill, but also affect the set time of the cementitious material when used in concrete. Cement additives are used to improve the cement manufacturing process and the quality of the end product used to make concrete. The additives used to make the cement can influence the workability, quality, and sustainability of the concrete for a project.

cement additives

Cement additives aid in the grinding of cement clinker grinding or when blending cement. 

cement additives highway projects

State DOT construction projects specify concrete roadways, bridges, drainage and retention features. Pozzolans, cement additives, and concrete admixtures can all be used to achieve the fresh and hardened concrete properties specified for transportation infrastructure throughout the United States.

concrete admicture and cement additives construction

Building with concrete can be complex, requiring substantially different concrete for each component of a project. Factors such as climate, weather, temperature, jobsite location, and strength/performance specifications necessitate the use of various cement additives and concrete admixtures that help to get the job done.

cement additives swimming pools

Concrete swimming pool installers do not have the luxury of specifying the additives in the cement for their concrete. Fortunately, they can rely on concrete admixtures to obtain the properties necessary for their job. We will discuss the process and get answers to these questions as we dive into the deep end of pumping shotcrete and shooting a quality pool shell.

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