Mortar Admixture Products

Mortar Admixture Products

Mortar admixtures are added to mortar mixes to enhance or modify specific properties and performance characteristics. Leading global manufacturers of mortar admixtures include Sika, Euclid Chemical, GCP Applied Technologies, Master Builders Solutions, and EdenCrete®.

Mortar Admixture Products by Sika 

Sika is a global company specializing in specialty products for construction and industrial markets. Sika has been producing concrete admixtures for over 100 years. Their mortar admixture products include SikaLatex®, SikaTard®, and others.

Mortar Admixture Products by Euclid

The Euclid Chemical Company provides products and solutions for the concrete and masonry industry worldwide. Their key mortar admixture products include ACCELGUARD 80 – Mortar, BLOCKTITE MORTAR ADMIXTURE, EUCO WINTER ADMIXTURE, HYDRAPEL MORTAR ADMIXTURE, and more.

Mortar Admixture Products by GCP Applied Technologies

GCP Applied Technologies provides specialty additives and building materials. Their mortar admixtures include, among others, Dry Brick Mortar Admixture, DRY-BLOCK® Mortar Admixture, TB-1000 – ECLIPSE®, and MORTARD® E.

Mortar Admixture Products by Master Builders

Master Builders Solutions offers chemical solutions for construction. Their key mortar admixtures include MasterPel 240MA and MasterLife SRA 035, among others.

Mortar Admixture Products by Eden Innovations

Eden Innovations produces nanotechnology-enhanced admixtures for concrete, shotcrete, and mortar. Our EdenCrete® line of products improves the workability, durability, and sustainability of concrete, shotcrete, and mortar. They also significantly reduce permeability, efflorescence, and likelihood of damage due to deicer scaling and other environmental exposures.

Mortar admixtures play a key role in modifying properties to meet specific requirements for masonry construction. Leading manufacturers offer a range of products for water-repellency, workability enhancement, accelerated strength gain and extended board life. Specifiers can select appropriate mortar admixtures to achieve required performance characteristics.

  • mortar admixture EdenCrete® Mortar Admixture - Create millions of flexible, durable carbon bridges with a cutting-edge mortar admixture. Improve workability/consistency and helps to maintain water content.
  • concrete admixture product companies Mortar Admixture Companies - Eden Innovations reviews Mortar Admixture properties & function of several products produced by top companies: Sika, Euclid, Master Builders, GCP & EdenCrete®.
  • mortar admixtures residential masonry Mortar Admixture for Residential Masonry - Admixtures used in block, brick and stone residential construction increases strength and durability while reducing cracking, shrinkage and permeability. Learn more.

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