Case Study: Georgia’s Highways

Extending the life (and budget) of Georgia’s Roadways


Georgia’s Highways (GDOT)

After reading a news story about the crumbling highway system in Georgia, EdenCrete approached the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) with an innovative proposal: Test our carbon concrete admixture on a stretch of highway. We believe EdenCrete’s abrasive resistance properties, decreased permeability, and overall strength gains could potentially double the life expectancy of Georgia’s roadways.

The Test

It was a big promise to make, but GDOT was willing to give it try. They selected two, 35 ft. long sections of I-20 West near the off-ramp to the State of Georgia’s Welcome center. The “control” was poured using the standard GDOT Class 24-Hour Accelerated mix that contains 752lbs. of cement per cubic yard. The same GDOT Class 24-Hour Accelerated mix formula was used with EdenCrete’s carbon enriched admixture. The crew also incorporated calcium chloride pellets into both mixes to ensure sufficient strength of the concrete, so the roadway could reopen only a few hours after placement.

The Results

EdenCrete increased abrasion resistance of the concrete by 56% over the original mix design. Furthermore, EdenCrete increased the compressive strength of the concrete by 32%. As a result of the tests and findings GDOT has approved the use of EdenCrete in their Class 24-Hour Accelerated strength concrete mix applications and also for its Class B concrete applications.

“We began working with EdenCrete on a collaborative project between their team and the Georgia Dept. of Transportation in 2015. The product can be dosed into trucks like any admixture at our ready-mix facility, and does not present any issues with the fresh properties or the ability of the concrete to be finished. EdenCrete has demonstrated its ability to greatly enhance not only the resistance to abrasion, but also the strength of the concrete. Test results and field trials indicate many concrete applications, not just Roadways, can benefit from EdenCrete.”

 C.T. Davis,
CEO, Augusta Ready-Mix Concrete

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